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Yes. DDS is a member of the Israeli Diamond Exchange.

The Israeli Diamond Exchange is one of the largest and most dynamic diamond bourses, a leading member of the world federation of diamond bourses.

We conduct business worldwide – we have customers in the US, Europe and in the Far East. We also have a branch in Miami, Florida.

DDS is a manufacturer of finest quality round and fancy diamonds from 1 ct to 15 ct.

In addition:

1. We have the ability to source specific diamonds in line with our client requirements, even if we do not have them currently in stock. DDS possess the ability to locate unique, specific diamonds via our extensive knowledge and database. In the event that we cannot meet your requirement from our inventory,  a personal agent from the DDS team will use the DDS network of business contacts to provide a solution in a timely manner.

2. We cut stones for special orders – DDS can manufacture big diamonds ranging from 1 to 15 carat, in every quality, color and size as well as pairs, fancy color stones and singles. We are able to cut diamonds in order to supply a solution that other companies would not or could not provide. DDS possess exceptional resources and we use them to your advantage in the large and complex diamond arena.

3. We advise customers with regards to valuation, buying/selling diamonds and re-cutting of stones.  We are always happy to assist our clients and provide consultative services. We can help to maximize the value of your diamond and keep you informed about the options available to you when it comes to upgrades or up-sales. The service is provided by the DDS team of professionals headed by the company’s CEO Mr. Moshe Lampel.

4. We provide memo services for our customers – in special cases, we provide memo services for our clients in order to help finalize a deal.

We are based in Tel-Aviv, Israel, which is GMT +. Our business day starts an hour before the European business day but ends at about the same time as the European business day ends.
A quick guide to time differences (from Israeli time).
US: NYC: -7HR    LA: -10HR
HK: +5HR
Europe: -1HR

DDS representatives often travel abroad to meet with clients. We are happy to meet customers all over the world. We regularly attend the JCK show in Las Vegas, the Basel show, Miami antique shoe and Hong Kong show.

DDS manufactures its gems in Tel-Aviv and stock gems from 1.00 ct to 15.00 ct.We carry all shapes, quality and colors. In addition we carry fancy color diamonds and specialize in pairs in a variety of shapes and sizes.All of our diamonds are graded with GIA, HRD and IGI certificates.

Inspection can be done by Malca-Amit, Brinks, D2D, or with a salesman. Stones can also be seen during trade shows. In addition, all the goods are listed on RapNet and GET Diamonds.

Usually in Europe, NYC or LA: overnight. As for the rest of the world: usually up to two business days.

First time deals are on cash basis. However for subsequent deals we usually demand payment within 60 days, but that depends on transaction type and size of business.